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Crystal Bridges is open Wed. through Mon. Reserve your free, timed tickets.

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Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and the Momentary Community Outreach Initiative during COVID-19*

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and the Momentary are mobilizing museum staff to help our region’s communities during this crisis. We consulted with 30+ partner organizations in health, social services, arts, culture, schools, and housing sectors and determined five areas in which we can provide support.

Program Areas

Arts and Social Impact Accelerator Program (ASAP)

ASAP cultivates partnerships with social service agencies and local artists in Northwest Arkansas. The partnerships will incubate ideas that creatively address social issues through collaboration, arts-based solutions, and socially-engaged experiences.

Learn more about ASAP >

Social Connecting Campaign

This campaign is organized by Crystal Bridges and the Momentary to help those especially vulnerable to the negative effects of isolation, including patients in hospitals and residents in senior living facilities.

Learn about the campaign's inaugural effort where nine local artists draw and paint in response to the word “TOGETHER” to bring comfort and joy.



Through a partnership with Northwest Arkansas Food Bank, we are distributing nearly 2,000 food boxes per week to area food pantries as well as providing an additional 3,600 meals for school children.

Community Engagement COVID-19 Response Report, March-August 2020

COVID-19 Response Report - 2020 Learn about our community engagement efforts.

Art Mends

The Art Mends series encourages community story sharing and heightens awareness around the importance of coping through art, building empathy, and providing access to mental health education.

Housing Support

We’re working with the Northwest Arkansas Continuum of Care to provide personal hygiene kits and house cleaning kits to those who are housing insecure.

Artist Support

Local artists in our community – many of whom have worked with Crystal Bridges – are experiencing hardship during this crisis. We are partnering with the Northwest Arkansas Regional Arts Council to provide support to them. In addition, we are working with – and paying - local artists to develop arts-based experiences for our Social Connecting Campaign.

Internet and Information Resources

For those without internet service, accessing information that could help them during this crisis – such as low-cost internet options, helpline phone numbers, and information about social services - is a hardship. We are in partnership with the Northwest Arkansas Continuum of Care to develop and distribute resource information.

Sensory Exploration Kits

Sensory Exploration Kits are artmaking kits specially designed to connect seniors living in assisted living facilities and at home through memories from the past using sensory materials, guided virtual gallery conversations, and activities related to collection artworks. Kits include artmaking and sensory materials with instruction sheets and conversation prompts, which can be paired with a free Guided Virtual Gallery Conversation led by a gallery guide.

*Crystal Bridges Art Kits: With every meal, personal hygiene, and cleaning kit we distribute, and with every visit to a hospital or senior living facility as part of the Social Connecting Campaign, we provide art kits to encourage creativity and help counteract the negative effects of isolation. The kits contain art supplies, activities, and prompts inspired by the museum’s collection.